Surface Level Love

Dearest Brothers & Sisters,

Last night I was pondering the difference between being “in love” with someone and really being “IN LOVE” with someone.  When I was younger and I was dating people unfortunately religion was never a topic of conversation when I was dating.  I did not care if the man I dated or eventually married had the same beliefs as me or not.  Fast forward “several (I am not going to say how many… hahaha) years” and I realize now more than ever how wrong I was.  What I was searching for in a mate was much more physical sometimes intellectual and emotional but never spiritual.  I know that is where I missed the mark completely.  I had not found myself in Jesus at the time and I did not comprehend the magnitude of having a relationship with him for myself let alone the relationship I would have with my significant other and even my family and closest friends. Having a spiritual connection allows you to have a deeper love that is not just surface level.  It is hard to explain really but I can tell you that when I hear my boyfriend pray with me for our family and our friends and even just the world in general it opens up my heart to a level I have never felt before.  When we pray together we get to see a side of each other, a vulnerable side, that perhaps we would not otherwise dare to talk about.  There is something about partner prayer that brings people closer together on a level so deep and so impactful it is an unimaginable feeling of comfort, safety, peace, joy and love that you can never believe.  I urge you today if you are in a relationship or searching for one to put your spirituality and religion on the top of your must have list.  This should be non-negotiable if seaking a lifetime partner.  It will make all the difference in the world and you will get to experience the joy and depth of a love that goes beyond the surface and is more real that you could ever have dreamed.

Wishing you all a fabulous day!  Remember Jesus loves you and so do I!

~A Sisters Voice



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