Glory to Glory – Only with God

Dearest Brothers & Sisters,

Today I come to you with a grateful heart and a story of God’s amazing faithfulness in our lives.  I can tell you first hand that if you take time to reflect on your life and the events that have occurred you will soon realize that nothing is by chance and that God had a hand and a plan for everything that transpired.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.  Jeremiah 29:11

My boyfriend and I read this scripture every time we walk into our church.  It has been a promise we hold close to us as we go through the bumpy road of life.  This little story from our life will show you how amazingly planned out God’s hand and work can be.  I believe if we are faithful in our life to God he will continue to open doors and pour out blessings in our lives.

The story begins with our little dog Champ. Champ is a 10lb Chihuahua Terrier Mix I rescued about 3 years ago.  I knew when I saw this dog hurt outside a hotel where I was at a work conference that this was a test of my character.  I knew God was saying to me…what are you going to do? You know you should be at work (this is how you get paid) but this animal needs help. Ultimately I made the decision to help this dog, trust God’s guidance in my life and leave work to help him.  Fast forward 3 years, my dog (Thanks to God!) Champ needs a walk.  I decide to hire a dog walker. She was friendly and nice and I asked her what she did during the day.  She told me she worked for a big well known company close to our side of town. She claimed to love her day job and told us that she could help my boyfriend (who just moved to the area) get a job as well.  We were surprised and thought “wow… who knew that God would help us find him a job through our dog Champ!” Well my boyfriend went on to apply, went through several rounds of interviews and got this job. “Phew!” We were both so excited! Until we realized that the job was 100% commission and had no lead generation set up. “Yikes!” But God…

My boyfriend remained faithful to God through the entire journey of finding his new career… he gave God praise every day for open doors and future blessings.  He never lost sight and always believed God would take him to the right place and direct his path.  After months of struggling at this new career, he turned to his mentor and asked for his advice. To his surprise his mentor advised him to get out of the company and try something else. He even told him that he would give him a referral to another company who would pay him a salary.  My boyfriend was excited and grateful that if nothing else came from this job at least he got a great mentor out of it.

He went on to apply for the salary job and several weeks went by and he heard nothing. Personally, I started to get worried but he trusted God. One day I came home from work and he told me he got a rejection email that said he did not qualify for the position. I told him I was sorry to hear that and that he would find something else – maybe this was not the path God had for him.  He quickly corrected me and told me the email was wrong.  I was confused… I was wondering how can the email be wrong. Why would they say you don’t qualify and you still think that you do? I honestly thought he was just in denial but I kept quite.

He remained faithful.  Praying to God everyday for this door to be opened.

Surely enough… “Only God”… a week later he got a phone call for an interview that same day.  Can you believe that he went to the interview the same day and that he got the job!

I can tell you that I learn something new about God everyday.  I can now say with so much pride that if you remain faithful to God he will remain faithful to you.  He will love you and guide you along your path.  He will open doors that you think are closed.  He will shine his light and bring opportunities from the most unexpected places.

Whatever struggle you are facing today I want you to know that God knows and he is working on your behalf.  Even when you don’t see him working and things in life appear to be at the end … there is always HOPE in the name of Jesus.

I hope this story gives you a reminder that God is still on the throne and that he wants to do good things in your life.  Stay faithful my brothers and sisters.  Remember God loves you and so do we.


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