Just Wait… It will come!

Dearest Brothers & Sisters,

I think many times in life we can get overwhelmed with the process of waiting. Especially with the advance of technology allowing us to do everything so much faster.  We can answer almost any question we have now with google in just under 10 seconds. We can have food delivered in 5 minutes.  We can buy anything we need with just the click of a button, and call anyone we miss by pressing a small picture of their face on our phone.  Technology advances has made a lot of things in life very convenient. But then there is those things that technology can not change or speed up for us and we have to wait. For example, we have to wait to grow older. It is funny I remember when my nephew was so excited to turn 5 years old. I also remember how the same day he told us “soon I will be 10.” Just moments after celebrating he was finally 5 he was already yearning to be 5 more years down the road.  Don’t we all do that in some form or fashion?  I am sure you can think of a time when you were yearning for the next life milestones before you even enjoyed the current one.

Most of us were waiting to be 16 so we could drive. Then we were waiting to get a car.  Then waiting to get a nicer car.  Then we were waiting to be 18 so we can vote. Waiting to be 21 so we can drink. Waiting to graduate. Waiting to get that first job.  Waiting to get the next job.Waiting to find the right person. Waiting to get married. Waiting to get pregnant. Waiting to see the new baby.   Waiting to get a raise. Waiting to get a promotion. Waiting to get a home.  Waiting to get a bigger home.  Some of us right now are waiting to get the latest shoes, clothes or technology. Waiting..waiting..waiting..

It seems like once you achieve a milestone in life the natural thing to do is start the painful waiting process for the NEXT milestone.  Wouldn’t life be so much better if instead of waiting for what is next we could pause…release the pressure..release the anxiety..release the concern and just ENJOY the life we have today?  Why is that so difficult sometimes?

It is funny because until I understood the concept of Faith…I was always waiting. Once I released all control to God and trusted that his timing is perfect only then did I find “peace”.  I found my anxiety decrease, my joy increased and my love for each and every day started to radiate.  Sometimes those impatient thoughts arrive but God is quick to correct me and remind me to be still and trust in the Lord.

If you are waiting on something today… I urge you to turn it over to God.  Release control to him and trust his timing, trust his plan. Count your blessings, smile for what he has done for you in the past and what you have in the present be grateful for it and ENJOY. Life is too short to live waiting all the time.  The season you are in will end sooner than you think. Embrace the season. Love your life, love people and love God for without him none of this would be possible.

Remember Jesus loves you and so do we!




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